Golf Nets And Golf Cages Aid Wintertime Practice

imagesGolf is obviously a favorite pastime for millions of people around the world. It has been estimated there are 50 to 60 million golfers worldwide and anywhere are from 26 to 37 million in the United States alone. Even a so-called “cold” country like Canada has been estimated to have 5.2 million golfers, which is about
20% of the population. So what can all these millions of golfers do when bad weather strikes, especially in wintertime where snow covers the golf courses? You could, of course, head off for Florida or California or the other warm weather countries to play. But unless you have an awful lot of money that can still only fill up a couple of weeks. What else can you do? Why, practice of course.

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Home Golf Hitting Nets

Dura-Pro-Golf-Practice-Net-5The dangers of buying a cheap golf net.

When you hit a golf ball, you hit a bullet. You better make sure that the net is going to hold because you could easily break something or hurt someone by mistake. Many times golf professionals will set up their nets somewhere inside the clubhouse during the winter, so they really have to be careful. Sometimes golfers will put their net up at home and they need to be careful not to put a ball through their neighbor’s window by mistake.

What you want to make sure of is that the netting is made of a nylon material. Many golf net companies make their nets of a polyurethane material and it just won’t stand up – eventually you’ll have golf balls flying through it… even if you double or triple it.

You also want to look at a system that is built like a cage. You should look for a net that is at least 10′ by 10′ by 10′. This way you can make sure you can get yourself right into the cage and never miss… even if you have a wild shot go off the toe or the heel of the club.

The other consideration that people want to consider is how long it takes to put the net up. Some nets are very complicated to put up and require screwing or gluing.

You can look at PVC pipes or steel pipes. The steel pipes will likely be more durable because if you happen to hit a PVC pipe with a club, it’s going to crack or break. The nice thing about PVC is that you can buy it anywhere and it’s a little cheaper.

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Some Advantages of Using a Golf Practice Net

imddagesThere are many ways that a golf practice net improves your overall golf game.
Your Head Stays Down- When hitting with a golf practice net you tend to keep your head down more, because you know where the ball is going, into the net. Without a net, the tendency to look up is greater, which overall can lead to incomplete follow through, and/or more slices. So by playing with a net, a person more easily tends to keep their head down, which eliminates those bad aspects, and helps you get into the habit of avoiding them. Looking up to quickly can really screw up your drive.
Pressure Free Golf- When one owns a golf practice net all the pressure is off. First of all yourat, or in the comfort of your home. Players tend to play a little tighter, and stressed at ranges. This being because whether you like it or not you are being watched, and some people feel they are being judged. Some people can handle that, and some cannot. Some players are exclusive, and like to go with friends, or even by themselves. Whether your that type of player or not, you still receive the same benefit- less stress/more relaxation/focus entirely on your game.
Trying New Things- With a net you can try so many things, that you would try to avoid on a golf range. Try new shot, new angles, use different clubs, and perfect how high or low you hit your balls. What i like to do is go through each club. I start out with my driver, and i hit until i can hit a target i personally designated on the golf practice net at least 5x. I do this for every club, including woods, and irons. I tend to use a golf chipping net for my irons, and just try to get into the pocket 5x. Overall, when you do this you WILL see your consistency, and shots improve. Your technique, thought process, and confidence in your game will all come so much more easily and natural.